From the desk of our Founder (Centre Director)

Dear Parents,

I am Haniah Abdul Hamid, the founder of Cavenur Ed-Venture Student Care and Learning Centre. In setting up this student care, it is with the intent to empower students and provide care for them while their parents are at work. I was once a parent of young children and I know the importance of a nurturing environment we yearn for our children while we are at work earning an income to support our family or as a contributor to help our community in areas we are needed. My 1st daughter went through those period in a student care and I was fortunate that the student care she was in was under the supervision of a loving couple with a team of dedicated teachers ensuring my daughter was taken care of well. My daughter is now a graduate from University College London with a 2nd upper class honours. Those growing years when she was at primary school levels under the care of the student care she was in, had seen her grow with confidence and feeling so much loved and belonged.

Being in the field of education for more than 20 years, I set up this Student Care Centre to contribute back to those years my own children benefited from the care of others either through student care services or by their grandmother. I noticed that what enabled them (my 2nd and 3rd children are undergraduates), was the support we gave them as parents plus the additional support we get from the care of others. Thus, this is the quality care I want your children to benefit from our centre. With the goal to provide for them, the sense of love and belonging in a clean and safe environment and knowing we are there to motivate and inspire them to be the best they can be. Our programmes speak for itself. We will collaborate and adopt programmes that will help towards the positive transformation of your children on top of our in-house carefully plan programme that will nurture your children to be people beneficial to themselves, their families and the humanity as well as the other living and natural environment they are in.

I personally believed that children will grow up with purpose by knowing who they are as person. Thus I am a firm and strong a believer of the need of children to be anchored in their faith, whichever their religion is and also to grow up with solid values. This means people of all faith are welcomed to our student care centre. We will need you to inform us what your children need to do in their spiritual and religious practice so that we will ensure they practise it in our centre. As a Muslim, it is obligatory on our part to ensure children under our care are given space for this purpose. Thus we have separate programmes when it is concerning religious obligations and thus parents can be assured we will not place your children in those programme not concerning them. This is our guaranteed promise. Instead an alternative development programme in area such as learning a 3rd language, reading and/ or tailored self mastery will be put in place. We looked forward to have you and your child to be part of our Cavenurian family.

At your service,
Haniah Abdul Hamid
Founder & Director of Cavenur Ed-Venture Pte Ltd
MEd. (Early Childhood Education, QUT)
MEd. (Curriculum, Teaching & Learning, NIE/NTU)

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