Student Care Team

Mdm Sophia Insyirah

Centre Supervisor

Mdm Sophia Insyirah is a graduate from Temasek Polytechnic and holds a diploma in Islamic Studies from Cordova Education Centre. She has also completed her studies in the Diploma in Care and Programme (Student Care Services & Coaching) from Ngee Ann Polytechnic as well. She was a volunteer Mentor teacher to primary school children in Maths and Science in one of the education Institutions.

“I have a passion in educating children and I am willing to be patient with any obstacles that I am bound to face in the long run. I believe that we are more capable than what we think of ourselves and therefore, I aim to bring out the best in the children throughout their developmental journey.”(Teacher Sophia Insyirah)

Ustazah Fazilawati

Quran Teacher

Ustazah Fazilawati is recognized by MUIS under the Asatizah Recognition Scheme (ARS) as a Quranic Teacher (QT2).

"Children are treasures from Allah. They deserve love, nurture, happiness and most importantly the knowledge for the love of Allah."(Ustazah Fazilawati)

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