Why Your Child Needs To Be In Our Centre?

Cavenur Ed-Venture aims to help students towards transformation through educational programmes and day-to-day activities that bring about students at the peak of self-mastery. We believe all students can learn to master not only academic learning but also about life and themselves as persons. In our centre the supervisor, teachers and staff will aspire to be the best role models for the children. Rest assured that your child will feel that this is his /her 2nd home they can feel that sense of belonging and accepted for who he/she is.


Committed in inspiring and building wholesome individuals beneficial to the society and the whole of humanity.


To help students, teachers and parents to discover their unique giftedness and nurture in them the outward mindset to care and contribute beyond themselves.

Our Goals

Our programme is centered on building the SEVEN dispositions in students:

Soulful and Reflective

Discipline with Character

Yearning to Learn

Physically Well-balanced

Responsible in Collaboration

Committed with Perseverance

Caring towards Others


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